Security measures to keep your companions safe

November 23, 2023by Seattle Canine Club

Seattle Canine Club – Security, Fire & Safety Updates

From our newsletter on Friday November 17

We hope this message finds you and your furry friend in good health. Today, we’re reaching out to share crucial updates on the security, fire, and emergency procedures at Seattle Canine Club. As always, we’re committed to providing the best and safest space for your faithful companion.

Recent Incidents and Our Response:

After the unfortunate events at The Dog Resort in SoDo and a security incident on November 8, we’ve taken immediate actions to enhance the security of our club:

New Security Measures:

In response to the incident on November 8, we’ve instituted a closed building policy. Today, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art smart latch door at our vestibule. Members can now enter using a secure 4-digit code, enhancing our overall security. We’ve also added new doorbells for visitor assistance.

Security Passcodes:

To make entry seamless, we’ve introduced two passcodes that we have shared directly with our members. If you are joining our club, please ask our staff for the most current passcodes.

These passcodes will be rotated periodically for added security.

Dryer Vent Upgrade:

Considering recent fire incidents in Seattle daycares, we’ve had our dryer vents professional upgraded by Seattle Dryer Vent Cleaners. A booster fan was added on Friday 17 to force lint outside the building, coupled with a new commercial-grade duct system for easier maintenance.

Read more about the booster fan on the manufacturer’s website: TjernLund Website

Comprehensive Safety Measures:

  • New CO2 and fire sensors had been strategically placed throughout the building this past July, and connected to for constant monitoring.
  • Successful completion of the October 2023 fire inspection and regular checks of our fire extinguishing systems.
  • Addition of a panic button to our monitoring service for emergencies (New on November 17)
  • Reinforced employee training on appliance usage and maintenance.
  • Updated collar and evacuation procedures, including a color-coded system for enhanced safety during potential evacuations.
  • Agreement with our car wash neighbor to use their tunnel as an evacuation point in case of an emergency.
  • Direct contact with Seattle Fire Station 14 – 5 min walking distance – in case of an emergency.
  • While we currently lack a sprinkler system, it’s a top consideration for an upgrade in 2024.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss these procedures further, our team is available to assist you. We appreciate your trust in Seattle Canine Club and remain focused on providing safety as our top priority followed by your peace of mind.

Best regards,


The Seattle Canine Club

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