Be Prepared For Your Dog’s First Boarding Experience w/ These 5 Essential Tips

We fully understand that leaving your furry friend behind while traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if that’s your dog’s first boarding experience. That’s why we have designed our dog boarding service to provide a safe and comfortable environment for dogs while their owners are away. If it’s your dog’s first time staying with us, we have put together some tips and tricks to help prepare your dog for their first boarding experience.

5 tips to prepare your dog first boarding experience

Tip #1: Before your dog’s stay, we recommend introducing them to our facility to get them accustomed to the new environment. This helps reduce their stress levels and makes them feel more comfortable when they come back for their stay. Having them come for 1 to 3 daycare sessions before their boarding will facilitate the experience greatly.

Tip #2: Bringing familiar items from home, such as a favorite blanket and treats, can help ease your dog’s anxiety and make them feel more at ease if it’s their first boarding experience.

Tip #3: Routine – We encourage our clients to stick to their dog’s usual feeding, exercise, and sleep schedule as dogs thrive on routine. If your dog hasn’t had experience with boarding, breaking that routine is likely to have negative consequences after your dog gets home.

Tip #4: It is also essential to emphasize any specific needs or requirements your dog has, such as dietary restrictions, medication, or any specific instructions for caring for your dog, to our experienced staff before their stay in the best dog hotel in Seattle.

This is an essential part of having your dog feel as close to being home as possible, so doing this will significantly increase your furry friend’s first boarding experience!

Tip #5: Building trust with boarding staff is crucial for both your and your dog’s experience. Our staff is experienced in caring for dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Pet parents can trust that their furry friend is in good hands while they are away, making the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone involved!


To sum up, preparing your pet for their first boarding experience can be stress-free by following these tips and tricks. Here at Seattle Canine Club, we are committed to providing the best possible care for your furry friend, ensuring pet parents have uncompromisable peace of mind while they’re away.

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