Fear-Free Positive Reinforcement Dog Training in Seattle


Seattle Canine Club is proud to offer fear-free positive reinforcement dog training in Seattle. Our skills based group classes allows students to learn and develop at their own pace. Get all the fun and excitement of group classes with the growth progression of private lessons. You will build a strong relationship and trust with your canine companion while teaching them polite manners and advanced skills to be a happy and polite member of society.

To unlock your dog’s full potential and embark on a rewarding journey purchase a package of the amount of class you want to start with. Then register for the open enrollment classes that your dog needs improvement for. All classes are instructed by a certified dog trainer. 

Fear-Free Positive Reinforcement Dog Training in Seattle

Dog Learning 101

We hoomans affect our dog’s behavior in many ways. Whether it is by giving them a treat or calling their name, we want to make sure we are giving them every chance to act appropriately and be happy at the same time. Dog Learning 101 sessions are for the hoomans to learn how to build stronger bonds and communication skills with their dogs. We will go over how dogs learn and how you can affect them to make better actions right away. Learn how you can prevent problem behaviors and set them up to be successful in their daily life. Fun practice steps will be given so your dog can start learning immediately. 

This is a 45-min session via Zoom. Doggies attendance is optional but if you would like to practice the steps during the session have a few treats and your dog while you attend. 

It is recommended new students attend one Dog Learning 101 session. Attendees who purchased a class package will receive one free virtual learning session per package purchase.

Focus Foundations:

In this open enrollment class where you will start or strengthen your dog’s ability to focus on you and maintain patient attention in a public setting. Whether your dog knows no commands or thirty this class can benefit their ability to respond to your direction. If you want to teach new cues with a strong foundation or want to improve your dog’s response rate to already known cues this class will help them focus and “hear” you better.

This class will include instruction and practice of foundational focus & patience cues that will be useful in many environments and situations. We will also discuss and evaluate factors that may cause your dog difficulty learning and how to alleviate them.

Who will benefit the most from this class?

  • Dogs who haven’t learned any cues yet and you want a strong foundation for them to learn.
  • Dog and human teams who need to build better communication, trust, and understanding skills.
  • Dogs who have to be told multiple times the same command in order to respond. 
  • Dogs who get overly excited in public.
  • Dogs who are a little shy in public.
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their communication skills with their dog.

Useful Manners:

In this open enrollment class you will learn many useful training cues and your dog will build manners for daily life. Whether you want your dog to learn obedience commands or just learn not to get into trouble, this class will increase your dog’s appropriate behavior repertoire. Each class will include instruction and practice of placement skills, patience building skills, and walking skills. Cues that will be covered in these classes include: stay, leave it, wait, “this way” walking, come, sit at side, place, target, and a release cue. Problem-solving and replacing unwanted behaviors like digging, barking, chewing, and others will also be covered. 

It is recommended that students take Focus Foundations classes first to achieve attention skills prior to Useful Manners. It is expected that dogs attending this class know and will respond to their name and sit cue.


What common routines and situations will this class help with? 

  • Walking calmly on a leash.
  • Calmly seeing or greeting people.
  • Waiting calmly around entrances.
  • Moving away from objects or things.
  • Staying in one spot till called.
  • Coming when called.

 Distractions & Advanced Skills:

This class is for advanced students who are looking to reach higher achievements than basic manners. Manner’s and additional cues will be progressed through duration rate, distraction level, and distance range criteria. we’ll work on polishing the come cue and teaching an emergency come, strengthen the stay cue by teaching the dog to stay for longer periods of time at a greater distance from the handler, work on turns, and automatically sit for heeling.

Trainer approval must be obtained to register for this class

2023 Calendar:
  • Dog Learning 101 sessions offered weekly.
  • Focus Foundations classes are on Wednesday’s at 7pm and Saturdays at 11:30 am.
  • Useful Mangers are on Tuesday’s at 7pm.
  • Distractions & Advanced Skills will be open next year. 
  • Weekends (Saturday’s and Sunday’s) will have special offerings and consolations. Please check our pet parent portal calendar for details.
  • We are constantly adjusting our calendar to meet our members needs and peculiar schedules. If the current dates don’t fit you, please send us an email at Training@seattlecanineclub.com to try to meet your specific needs

Take the leash and transform your dog’s behavior with our premier fear-free positive reinforcement dog training in Seattle. Build a lasting bond and trust with your beloved canine companion through level-based training. 

Join us to teach your furry friend polite manners and advanced skills, shaping them into a well-behaved and cherished member of society.

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