Puppy Socialization Classes in Seattle: Learning by Playing


Our Puppy Socialization Group Class is designed to provide young puppies with a positive and enriching environment where they can learn important socialization skills and build a solid foundation for a well-rounded adult dog. Led by our experienced handlers, this class offers a fun and interactive setting for your puppy to meet and interact with other puppies, people, and new environments.

Puppy Socialization Classes Seattle

What is Puppy Socialization and Why it Matters

During a puppy’s sensitivity period, every moment they are learning about the world around them. Socialization is not just play, it’s everything they experience. Their first exposure to new people, dogs, places and situations teaches them what to expect in the future. Letting them discover each in a safe, appropriate, way can prevent many behavioral conflicts later in life and contribute to a happy, well-adjusted adult dog.

Our Puppy Socialization Group Class provides structured socialization for the ideal opportunity for your puppy to learn and grow in a safe and supervised environment. 

What to Expect

During the Puppy Socialization Group Class, your puppy will learn social skills and social routines that will prepare them for the future. This includes supervised play moments with other puppies, strengthening the dog-human bond in new situations,  and encouragement towards polite social manners. 

Play moments with other puppies will allow them to learn and practice crucial social skills such as appropriate play behavior, dog communication, and bite inhibition. Puppies will be encouraged to also learn when to take a break and relax. They will learn it’s fun to play but they will also learn it can be fun and rewarding to not play all the time. Our trainers will guide and facilitate these interactions, ensuring a positive and harmonious environment for all participants.

In addition, to play moments, our trainers will introduce foundational puppy exercises and training to build strong trust bonds and puppy skills. We will focus on positive reinforcement techniques, using rewards and praise to encourage good behavior and foster a strong bond between you and your puppy.

Benefits of Puppy Socialization Group Class

  • Structured socialization with other puppies and people, promoting positive interactions and reducing the likelihood of fear or aggression.
  • Age specific learning environment to provide a safe ideal puppy development.
  • Exposure to different environments, sights, and sounds, helping your puppy become more confident and adaptable.
  • Introduction to puppy skills, setting the groundwork for further training.
  • Guidance and support from our experienced trainers, who can address any questions or concerns you may have about your puppy’s behavior or development.

Join Our Puppy Socialization Group Class in Seattle

Give your puppy the best start in life by enrolling them in our Puppy Socialization Group Class in Seattle. This engaging and educational class is for puppies 8 to 16 weeks of age with update vaccines. Proof of vaccines is required to attend.

Our certified trainers will provide the socialization experiences and foundational training they need to become a well-behaved and happy adult dog. Contact us today to secure a spot for your puppy and set them on the path to a lifetime of positive experiences and companionship.

2023 Calendar:

Our Puppy Classes will start in August depending on the first group to be assembled. If you have a young pup and are interested in this class, please write us at info@seattlecanineclub.com to schedule the class around your pup age.

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