Dog Behaviour Workshop with John Kim – May 20 @ Seattle Canine Club

John Kim, a dog behaviour specialist, will be leading 2 workshop sessions on May 20th at 10am & 2pm at Seattle Canine Club. In this workshop, participants will learn about four important topics: the use of name, when to touch, follow-through discipline, and a point system.

John Kim’s Background

John Kim has been helping people with their dogs on an as-needed basis since 2007. He founded Love More. Bark Less. in 2020 to further pursue his passion of helping pet owners build a better relationship with their furry friends. Over the years, John has found great satisfaction in watching pet parents gain confidence in their relationship with their pets. He believes that communication is key to a happy and healthy relationship between pets and their owners.

Use of Name

During the workshop, John will teach pet owners the importance of using their pet’s name effectively. By using their name correctly, owners can capture their dog’s attention, and communicate with them more effectively.

When to Touch

John will also be discussing when to touch your dog. He will guide owners on how to read their dog’s body language and how to approach them appropriately. This will help owners understand when their dog is comfortable with physical contact and when they need space.

Follow-Through Discipline

Follow-through discipline is another important topic that John will be discussing. It involves following through with commands and consequences for undesirable behaviour. John will teach pet owners how to stay consistent and follow-through with their disciplinary actions.

Point System

Lastly, John will introduce the point system, which is an effective training tool. This system involves giving dogs points for good behaviour and taking points away for undesirable behaviour. The point system is an effective way to reinforce good behaviour in pets.

Overall, the workshop session led by John Kim promises to be informative and valuable for pet owners looking to build a better relationship with their pets.

Sign up today! We have limited capacity. Member dogs with good standing vaccinations are welcome but not needed – They can roam with us, play with the rest of the pack or stay at home… your choice.

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